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Clear Microwave, Inc Couplers, Hybrids,Switches, Attenuators, Detectors, Bias Tees, DC Block 2059
CPI TWT, TWTA, Klystron 1869
AEROTEK Co, Ltd Isolators, Circulators 1868
Cometel Waveguides Waveguide Flanges Waveguide Forming 1780
EMERSON Network Power AC Power and UPS Connectivity DC Power Embedded Computing Power Switching and Controls Precision Cooling Racks and Integrated Cabinets Surge Protection Cable and Tool 1815
Thunderline-Z RF/50 Ohm Feedthrus DC Feedthrus Capacitor Feedthrus Multi-Pin Feedthrus Hermetic Packages Laser Sealing 1804
Emerson & Cuming Adhesives, Sealants, Catalysts, Thermally Conductives 1786
GGB Pico Probe(피코프로브,DC~220GHz) (include Active Probes) Calibration Substates MCW Probe and Tips 1800
Flexco Microwave Inc RF Cable, Coaxial Cable Ass'y 1838
MCLI Power Dividers and Combiners Isolators and Circulators Directional Couplers,90°and 180°Hybrids Electromechanical Switches, Pin Diode Switches Variable and Fixed Attenuators Waveguide Components Zero-Bia… 1737
RADITEK Isolators and Circulators: from 25MHz to 150GHz Splitters, Combiners & Power Dividers Filters, Duplexers and Triplexers Oscillators to 45GHz: PLO: Phase locked: Sources (1 to 45 GHz), DRO: (1 to 45 GHz) R… 1918
Meisei HOTweezer, Teflon Wire stripper(전선 탈피기) 1983
Muirhead Aerospace DC Motors, Torque Motors, Stepper Motors, Servomotors Synchro Motor Gearheads Tachometer Generators 1902
Rfspin Antennas Amplifier (200 MHz – 3 GHz) 90° Hybrid Couplers (500 MHz – 40 GHz) 1831
Schwarzbeck Antennas and Probes Pulse Generators 1847
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