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Date : 2012-11-19 22:53  |  Hit : 7,879  
NM-LL280-NM-3M-Armor LL280 Armor Cable, N male to N male, 3m  1 ea gigalane
NMS-LL280-NMS-0.5m                 LL280 Cable, N male to N male, 0.5m 18GHz 2 ea gigalane
NM-LL280-NM-3M                 LL280 Cable, N male to N male, 3m , 18GHz  1 ea gigalane
MCXM-FLEX085-MCXM-140MM Flex085 cable , MCX male to male, 14cm  3 ea  CAT
MCXM-FLEX085-MCXM-130MM Flex085 Cable, MCX male to male, 13cm  3 ea  CAT
MCXM-FLEX085-MCXM-50MM Flex085 cable, MCX male to male, 5cm  3 ea  CAT
SMS-RG316-SMS-0.70m RG316 Cable, SMA(m) 0.70m, 1-6GHz 1 ea gigalane
SMS-RG316-SMS-0.75m RG316 Cable, SMA(m) 0.75m, 1-6GHz 1 ea gigalane
SMS-PS316-SMS-0.75m RG400 Cable, SMA(m) 0.75m, 0.5-12GHz 1 ea gigalane
SMS-RG400-SMS-0.8m                 RG400 Cable, SMA(m) 0.80m, 0.5-12GHz 1 ea gigalane